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Culinary experiences with Tara.

Group & Team Building Cooking Classes and Programmes

Reward & Incentivise

Employee Engagement Programmes 


Experiential and unforgettable team building & learning experiences

It's time to give your team something they can learn, a skill and an experience that lasts more than a day out.

Let's inspire employees to think creatively & work better together for community-driven bonding.

Nothing unites people like sharing a meal; the same goes for co-workers...

Create ways for your team to get together to know each other on a deeper level - through the shared experience of food.

Sign up for unforgettable team building and learning experiences with cooking class subscriptions for your teams to bond over shared flavours; connect over learning new skills, and create lasting memories.


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Transforming co-workers into companions

Unhealthy workplace dynamics can cripple turnover.

It's time to reward and incentivise teams via ongoing teambuilding memberships.

It's time to team build over culinary experiences to improve morale and confidence and reinvigorate a sense of community among employees.


Break bread and break down communication barriers.

Our corporate cooking memberships will engage and unify your teams, enabling groups to cook better and better understand what high performance looks like.

Let's create a culture of strong teams together through food.


Corporate Group & Team Building Culinary Experiences with TV chef Tara Walker

Live Cook-Along Class

A fun and delicious way to get your team together

πŸ–₯ Cook-a-long Virtual Classes
πŸ₯‘ Receive your tailor made recipes, equipment and ingredient list and instructions upon booking

🍷Wine recommendations if desired
πŸ₯• Copy of "Good Food No Stress" for the winner if you decide to run a competition

Lunch & Learn

Have me come in to your workplace for an inspirational coookery demonstration 

πŸ₯• Get some tips and recipes to make cooking that bit more enjoyable  
πŸ–₯  Receive recipe packs and meal planners to your inbox
 Enjoy a healthy lunch

Food and Wellbeing Programmes

Longer running hybrid programmes that will impact the wellbeing of your team

🍷 Live cook-alongs monthly + lunch & learns
🌢 Access to a private team membership area, tailor made for your team's requirements with recipes, weekly updates and tips
πŸ”ͺ Bonus evenings - knife skills etc.
πŸ₯‚ Wine tasting & Cocktail making fun classes

Nutrition and wellbeing expert talks 

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I'm Tara Walker


After 12 happy years of inviting people to cook with me at East Coast Cookery School, I started to create online courses to connect and share the joy of food with people all over the world during the pandemic.

Together with lots of different people, we discovered that food moments could truly be shared virtually.

I firmly believe that cooking from scratch will bring you joy because not only will you have great tasting food that is healthier you have also created a moment of mindfulness while you chop, mix, saute and simmer.

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Let's Plan

Choose from lots of different class themes and programme types. Whether you and your team want to level up your culinary skills with a pasta making class or just want to have some great fun and an easy, tasty meal at the end, I will tailor a package to suit your needs. 


Create Joy at Work

Reward & incentivise your teams. Give them something they can learn, a skill and an experience they'll take with them for more than a day.

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